Tata Safari EV spotted testing?

Some car portals reported that the Tata Safari EV was spotted testing. In comparison, some say that the company’s third-party vendors tested an ICE Safari. 

Whatever the case, Safari EV has been in development from Tata Motors. They had unveiled an electric Harrier at the Auto Expo 2023.

Tata Safari EV Range

Tata has not disclosed the battery pack. A 60-70kWh battery pack is expected for such a large SUV. The Safari EV should have a real-world range of 400-450km. 

Safari EV AWD is another intriguing feature. Many Safari fanboys complain that the current Safari(ICE) does not get an AWD configuration. Tata has always seen less demand for not introducing AWD in the Safari.

But this may be different with the electric version. The Safari EV could have AWD hardware like the Harrier EV. For the AWD configuration, there will be two motors – One at the front and one rear motor will be installed for the AWD configuration. 


Tata has ambitious plans for its EV line-up. Tata Safari EV is expected to be launched in 2024-2025. Earlier, Tata Motors had hinted at December 2024 launch for Tata Harrier EV. For Safari EV we can expect 2025 as the launch year.


Tata Safari EV is expected to be priced starting from Rs 30 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price). 

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