MG ZS EV achieves 10,000 sales milestone

The ZS EV from MG India has reportedly sold over 10,000 units in the country. The base model of the new ZS EV costs Rs 23.38 lakh (about $30,000) and the top Exclusive model costs Rs 27.29 lakh (about $40,000).


The MG ZS EV’s 50.3kWH high-tech battery exceeds all applicable international safety requirements, making it the most powerful battery in its category. IP69K is a more stringent dust and water resistance standard, and UL2580 is a safety management system, both of which contribute to an increased ASIL-D rating.

It has the most powerful engine in its class capable of producing 173 horsepower. The electric SUV is powerful enough to reach 100 kilometers per hour in 8.5 seconds. The battery pack inside the electric SUV is made up of prismatic cells, which have a higher energy density and hence a longer range and a longer lifespan.

Meanwhile, there was a survey by Droom regarding popular electric SUVs and MG ZS EV aced in the survey. According to Droom Analysis, the MG ZS EV has quickly risen in popularity among auto fans because of its outstanding array of features and capabilities. Tata Motors also ranked highly, with the other top performers.

The research found that Tata Nexon EV as well as ZS EV face stiff competition in the market. Tata Nexon EV takes an hour and a half to charge to 80% using the same fast charger, the ZS EV can do it in only 50 minutes.

The study found that the ZS EV’s resale value was the highest among similar SUVs.When pitted against the 452 km range of the Hyundai Kona, which is capable of being charged to 80% in 64 minutes, the MG ZS EV emerges on top.

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