USA is getting serious about Electric Mobility

The US Department of Energy has announced $99.5 million investment for EV projects. Currently, 45 EV projects have been awarded a total of $87 million.

Electric Charging. Representational Image

This new fiscal year 2023 grant opportunity was made available by the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO). The total of $99.5 million is earmarked towards the development of battery packs that employ low-cost, plentiful materials, the upgrading of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in marginalized regions, and consumer education on electric vehicles and EV charging. Applicants have a deadline until June 26, 2023 to submit a concept paper and August 11, 2023 to submit a comprehensive application.

More than $87 million will be allocated to existing projects in 18 states. The goal of these initiatives is to accelerate research of electric vehicle technology and materials as well as develop novel approaches to use clean transport options in underserved communities, and reduce emissions from off-road vehicles, rail, and maritime transportation. The selected projects, according to the DOE, would “grow the nation’s clean energy manpower and enable more Americans to take part in this endeavor through good-paying union jobs.”

For individuals who don’t have access to dedicated household charging choices, “multiple projects” will explore creative techniques, tools, and outreach to establish charging solutions.

Multiple initiatives are looking into different types of vehicles to study, develop, and evaluate charging methods for electric cars in agricultural or aviation sectors. A number of recently funded programs by the DOE are focused on providing training for workers making the switch to the clean energy industry.

The government in the United States has put a lot more effort into promoting electric automobiles this year. However, it has also stoked rivalry for scarce foreign talent and materials.

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