Ford plans to introduce three row electric SUV by 2025.

Ford Explorer EV
Ford Explorer EV

Ford claims the three-row crossover would be reasonably priced, however the company hasn’t disclosed specifics. Ford’s  Doug Field discussed the upcoming crossover with investors. The crossover vehicle will be assembled in the Oakville, ON factory and will be approximately the same dimensions as the Ford Explorer. The EV’s range will be 350 miles, and it’s designed to be a comfortable ride for long car rides with the family. Ford hopes to achieve a range of 300 miles at highway speeds, with an additional 150 miles possible after only 10 minutes of DC fast charging.

The future course of Ford was laid forth for both investors and the general public during the company’s investor day. Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that, in addition to increasing spending on its combustion engine, the company will shortly release a three-row electric crossover.

The market for two-row crossovers, says Farley, will become oversaturated very soon. As a result Ford will need to compete in other areas if it hopes to win out in the electric vehicle market. The upcoming Kia EV9 will be the only real three-row product that isn’t from a luxury brand in the underserved three-row electric crossover market.

The first photographs displayed at the event reveal a spacious interior with enough for a minimum of seven people, with the third row elevated above the other two.

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