Will EV sales hit a brake ?

Photo Credits – J. D. Power

A new study of EV owners conducted by J.D. Power has found that EV owners’ satisfaction with home charging has declined. The decline in satisfaction is for both BEV(Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEV(Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles).

The study includes satisfaction levels for both Level 1 and Level 2 type of chargers. This year more homes in the US are fitted with Level 2 chargers, still the happiness index with home charging stations has declined from 752 to 740. Total score is out of 1000.

A significant factor in this decline could be attributed to rising electricity prices. Rising electricity prices can hamper the “low cost of operating an EV” proposition. Another major factor that could have contributed is the speed of charging. The speed of charging has not improved as per the expectations and hence that has led to stagnant charging timings.

Another point the report highlights is awareness. It highlights that only 51% of EV owners, up slightly from 49% a year ago, claim to be aware of utility company programs for charging their vehicle at home. It also says that the awareness on how to save costs is an issue.

“Improving the EV owner experience with respect to home charging should be a common goal shared by all,” says Brent Gruber, executive director of the EV practice at J.D. Power. Further he added, “There are also programs designed to save EV owners money with the ongoing costs of charging their vehicle, like scheduling to charge during the most affordable time of the day. However, J.D. Power sees that there is little awareness and utilization of these benefits.”

With issues continuing to prevail with respect to electric vehicles, it seems clear that collaboration among automobile companies, public utility companies, EV owners, general public can help increase awareness regarding EVs. Otherwise , EV sales could slow down significantly if major issues like these are not resolved.

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