Walmart to expand EV charging network by 2030.

Walmart. Picture Credits – Wikipedia Commons

The retail giant announced that it is going to expanding electric charging network across its locations at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations. What’s interesting to note is that Walmart already has 1300 locations across 280 networks in the US. This expansion could further make Walmart as a dominant EV charging network, considering the number of locations it currently operates at. The company plans to achieve zero emission by 2040.

In a press release Vishal Kapadia, Senior Vice President, Energy Transformation, Walmart said , “With a store or club located within 10 miles of approximately 90% of Americans, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a convenient charging option that will help make EV ownership possible whether people live in rural, suburban or urban areas. Our goal is to meet the needs of customers and members where they live and open the road to those driving across the country. Easy access to on-the-go charging is a game-changer for drivers who have been hesitant to purchase an EV for concerns they won’t be able to find a charger in a clean, bright and safe location when needed.”

Further adding, “At the same time, as more drivers transition to EVs, our network growth will help expand domestic EV charging capacity across states. “

Earlier last month Seven11 had announced 7Charge, their own electric charging network, Starbucks and Subway too had announced that they would be setting up EV charging stations in some of their stores. It seems the retail and fast food giants who operate at number of locations in the country could very well leverage their presence for electric charging networks.

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