Volkswagen revises its 2030 Europe BEV Sales to 80%

sales increase
Sales increase

Automotive giant Volkswagen has revised the BEV sales target pf passenger cars for Europe.Volkswagen owned Skoda too has ambitious plans for EV.

The move is significant considering that VW group had previously set target of 70% for 2030 BEV sales. The carmaker has not revised its targets for other markets. Sales of BEV consisted of only 10% of VW brand’s total sales last year.

Volkswagen had unveiled ID7 – full electric D- segment sedan at the CES 2023.Although full details are not out, the car is slated to launch in 2024. Currently three EVs are part of the ID range – ID3, ID4 and ID5. ID3 received facelift recently and deliveries are expected to start from the later part of this year.

Whether the target would be achieved is something that time will tell, but a company like Volkswagen has revised their EV sales targets does mean something for the EV industry. With number of companies betting big on the EV industry it is safe to say that we are witnessing a major transition towards urban mobility(whether that will be for better or worse, only time will tell. We say this because although EVs are considered eco friendly there are major challenges that EV industry needs to address for environmental well being. We will discuss them in some other article. That’s it from us today. Thank you.

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