Nissan recalls over 1063 Nissan Ariya EVs over steering wheel issue.

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EV Recall

Nissan Motor Co. announced that it has issued a voluntary recall of 1063 Ariya EVs citing steering wheel as the issue. Nissan recall was made after company had received complaint from two dealers regarding loose wheels.

Nissan has started contacting the owners of Ariya EVs over phone and mail. Nissan has also asked owners to check if the steering wheels feel lose when rocking it back and forth.

If the steering wheel feels loose then Nissan owners are advised to contact dealers for transport and immediate repair. The dealers will replace the steering bolts.

“Certain Nissan Ariya vehicles underwent a recent port modification activity to replace the steering wheel due to a quality issue. As part of the activity, a technician may have inadvertently applied the incorrect torque settings to the steering wheel bolt. In certain cases, the steering wheel bolt may not have been installed” according to the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report.

The agency added, “As a result, the steering wheel may experience some play or potentially separate from the steering column if pulled towards the driver. If this occurs, loss of steering control may increase the risk of a crash.”

If you or someone in your circle owns 2023 Avinya EV do get it check at your dealership in order to ensure proper functioning of steering wheel.

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