Chevy Bolt EV to return soon in 2023?

General Motors has stated that a second-generation Chevrolet Bolt EV is coming soon. This is different from what they said in April that both the Bolt EV and the larger Bolt EUV would be discontinued.

Chevy Bolt EV
Chevy Bolt EV

GM’s Ultium electric car technology will be used in the new Bolt EV. This technology is already used in the GMC Hummer EV, Blazer EV, and Equinox EV. The Bolt was famous because it was cheap and the price was cut for 2023. But a large recall in 2016 because of possible battery fires affected every Bolt EV and Bolt EUV since they came out at the end of 2016.

Due to good price, packaging, and range numbers, the Bolt’s fame has come back. It is not clear when the new Bolt EV will come out or where it will be made, since the Orion Assembly plant where the current Bolt is made is being retooled to make electric pickup trucks like the new Chevy Silverado EV.

It is not clear yet whether the normal Bolt EV and the Bolt EUV will be brought back, but if the company is going to bring back one, it would make sense to bring back both.

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